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a) A developing multi-theory concept for LENR by Alain Coetmeur

Alain Coetmeur, a friend, a thinker, contributor to EGO OUT has written a comment about theories. Very creative and valuable. I take the permission to re-arrange aLENR bit the comment, use my standard taxonomy and explain what I found the most important in the comment.

Alain says his position toward PdD, NiH and the mainly empirical methods - has evolved and is still in progress and development. Ergo, this discussion willl continue.

A single theory is not enough, not possible what we actually need is: 
two structurally different (families of) theories which will converge to the same (unity/) when science has resolved the problem.

1- the first kind of theories- can be seen as more scientific, falsifiable in the Popperian sense, more fundamental- they are tools for the experimentalist, they ac usually at the small scale but up to the meso-scale. Using them the experimentalistsdirect the way experiments are designed, which are to be replicated from the mass of available data, which sensors are to be installed, which results are to be considered failures  and which are definitely positive.

2- the second category of theories was called by Jf Geneste at LINRG Mila"theory that allows engineers  to improve continuously the technology.
These not need to be fundamental, and they can be just phenomenological in a restricted range of parameters. However it need to work well.

An approach recommended by Alain:
- make a review of all theories.
- list all key experiments on which those theories are base; 

list all critics against those theories, and list all experiments that support the         critics;
re-analyze all the theories and try to classify them,
- try to partial meta-theories that just propose a concept ewven if with less precision.

Alain gives us examples of such concept as as:  "NAE" concept , ENP concept, BEC/CQED concepts...
Such a meta theory may be like "there is a "beast" of that kind, but we don't know what it is exactly (real, isn't it, take NAE as an example?!".)
- for each theory,  met-theory, critic of theory, try to find new experiments
for each theory, meta theories, and critic, try to find new experiments, new sensors, new parameters, improving older, which can provide positive or negative argument to a theory or it's critics

Priority has to given to experiments which will give maximum information, are easier to replicate and can confirm or reject more theories

Take care to prevent any theory to take over or disappear before enough independent experiments, done with different methods, supports or eliminate those theories.

Alain considers that purely experimental work based on trial and error, improperly called "Edisonian Method" lacking a theory, will not work from more reasons, as these:
- if really you have no theory, not even phenomenological, you cannot make something work reliable
- if you have no theory you cannot know what to do to improve your technology, so no industry can emerge
- if really you have no theory, the generator/device  can explode or fail at the most dangerous moment

Alain's essay ends with:

"This is why, even if the battle of theory is mostly sterile today, this debate is what should fuel the experimentalists, even if it is the experimentalist, like the jury, who will have the last word.
A Jury without good (talentuous and desperately biased) attorneys, will be unable to understand what is important is the crime judged and may miss a key point."
Thanks, dear Alain, I hope you will make corrections, addition and updating to this strategic plan!

b) A sentence by sentence answer to Ed Storms re my beliefs and approach to LENR+
My answers in red

Peter, I'm trying to understand what your are saying, what you believe, and what you propose be done.
I am grateful for this and take it as a sign of friendship, however I have many times openly described my LENR ideology- so please do not expect surprises   

 Apparently, you want LENR to be applied as soon as possible. 
Who, in our circles does not want exactly the same? Just there are some differences
in defining and timing of the word "possible"

You want the heat to be amplified as soon as possible and you want the focus to be on the Ni-H2 system. 
For the first statement- yes,  amplification and scale -up are vitally necessary and already possible. Basisis my hypothesis of dynamic generation of NAE's, amplification means a continuous abundant supply of the active sites where the heat releasing reactions can take place- high temperatures, high mobility of the surface atoms of the metal. But it does not go easily, there are other know-how elements to be discovered for triggering and sustaining the dynamic process.
For the  second, on short term yes Ni-H is the best system available now but on long tern=m probably an other metal will be the best, my guess is the "extremist" Tungsten.

 Your emphasis is on application first and understanding second. 
A bit more precisely, I think this is reality's way, emphasis- the idea as such- not perfect understanding but already use in factories and homes does not make me too happy. But as so many times, scientific idealism is replaced by a realist, pragmatic and materialistic solution.

You believe LENR can be applied as a commercial source of energy without the mechanism being understood.
Yes, however in the best possible sense- please consider the plurivalence and multi-level nature of understanding, see the "engineering" theories in Alain's essay above
There are basic laws, principles, practises that have to be respected even if we still do not know all the details.

You believe PdD has nothing of value to offer because it makes too little energy, the electrolytic method is unsuitable for technological application, and the process is not related to what takes place when Ni-H2 is used. 
Festina lente! PdD has offered something of immense value and historical importance - has demonstrated beyond any doubt the EXISTENCE and REALITY of Cold fusion, LENR.
Unfortunately it was unable (being an uncomplete form of LENR) to reveal its identity and nature. As seeing only the hallux, you cannot evaluate the entire foot. Due to its inherent weaknesses (I am speaking about the F & P Cell) it is of no use for technological development. The process in PdD is only a part of what takes place in  high temperature cel/generator  a larvar form -cannot "fly"

 You believe no theory effectively explains the effect.
Absolutely true, and you was inspired to use the singular. LENR is a composite group of combined phenomena- in your terms= NAE genesis, NAE- working and postnuclear stages involving more disciplines. No single theory can do the job.
And a good multi-theory ledas to LENR+  usable heat release.

 Nevertheless, you have a model you accept, yet you have not revealed or explained it. 
The task is too great for me, but at least I have honestly explained why I cannot explain more. Please read "The Six Pillars of LENR+" Thank you, even if you will disagree.
You ignore all the arguments I offer that conflict with your beliefs.
Please let's use the adequate words.These disphemistic euphemisms and/or euphemistic disphemisms) are disturbing. Why should we use "ignor"e for "reject" or "unable to understand" for "disagree with"?. Despite of myriads of disappointments,  I still desperately try to believe that " Differences in opinion attract smart people and repel only those who are not so" Or believing this is "symptomatic"?
Is this a correct summary of your beliefs and approach?
I will abstain from citing :The crab is a little red fish that goes backwards" because now, taking my answers in account the situation is clear. However I am perfectly aware of the reality that my
ideas will not florish, gain popularity, become memes outside this very personal blog. Probaly not, even if "Technology First! will be confirmed. And, I bet, it will!



1) LENR Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LENR/

2) Presentation of Stepan Andreev - conference on May 20, 2016: "On the verge of a scientific breakthrough"

"Low Energy Nuclear Reactions- not more an unexplained reality of Science"

The existence of such reactions was demonstrated beyond any doubt, for further research we need the ATOM theory of Kevin Dooley.
Published in REGNUM
3) At June 6, 2016  it was held a seminar in the Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Science named after A.M. Prokhorov with presentation in favor of the BIOTRANSMUTATIONS of the radioactive wastes.                                                                               http://lenr.seplm.ru/seminary/6-iyunya-2016-goda-sostoyalos-zasedanie-seminara-v-iof-ran-im-am-prokhorova-s-dokladom-po-podtverzhdeniyu-biotransmutatsii-rao
4) To be integrated with ICCF20:
The Satellite Symposium of
20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
September 28-30, 2016
Xiamen, China

5) Thermal Analysis of the Production Plant Process in the 1MW test in Doral, Florida (GiveADogABone)


Light and matter merge in quantum coupling
Physicists probe photon-electron interactions in vacuum cavity experiments

New theory could lead to new generation of energy friendly optoelectronics
Date:August 22, 2016
Source:Queen's University, Belfast
Researchers have created a new theoretical framework which could help physicists and device engineers design better optoelectronics, leading to less heat generation and power consumption in electronic devices which source, detect, and control light.


An excellent essay:

Simplicity or style: what makes a sentence a masterpiece?

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a) About my statement of yesterday, what will not grow up; continuation

answering to a comment of Edmund Storms:

You well know that I have always spoken about the electrolytic PdD
with its inherent disadvantage of being cool, dirty and wet.
The active surface of the cathode cannot work, NAE-genesis is limited
by temperature and NAEs are deactivated uncontrollably. Lack of actionable parameters, not manageable process. THIS WILL NEVER GROW UP.

High temperature PdD is different, we have discussed about Vitalii
Kirkinski's system working at 600 C, moderate excess heat release for the time given but he has an European Patent for the process.
If Pd works with H too or not, if it can be made to generate continuously NAEs, if the competition-  between bulk and surface can be solved in the favor of the active sites- all these are open questions.
I do not understand the idea of deactivation via increasing the temperature
I  have always spoken about the role of the dynamics of the metals surface atoms, temperature increases- more active sites are generated. My idea is that active sites are quantum structures not quantum voids as in your theory.

I want to add some of my points of view; I am aware and sorry that what I will say is contributing to new forms of polarization in LENR but I m oriented toward solving the problem. And I define the solution as LENR applied to generate massive energy, a new superior energy source. I see science and basic understanding as a means to this, not the final aim. Basic understanding can be in part in form of principles, rules, best practises a combination of physics and other disciplines.
And I repeat a successful LENR system is  LENR+ that is excess heat is much enhanced  by orders of magnitude. COP of 1.5 is additive, COP of 50-69 as calaimed for the 1 year Rossi experiment is multiplicative. Some of you simply do not believe
this result, OK, the idea remains, only LENR with multiplicative excess heat is good for industry.  Multiplicative excess heat or nothing-is the slogan.
One line of attack- idealistic and actually honest in name of the sacred Scientific Method is that he went on a shortcut toward applications before LENR was completely understood. (actually it is still at a  low level of understanding everybody agrees (more or less). 
I take full responsibility for having anticipated this approach in my "Technology
First" paper in 1995. Instead of waiting 50 years or more till pure science could - alone- tell the most important scientific features of LENR, Rossi made appeal to technology and created those conditions  in which LENR works, is multiplicative
and now science can also fulfill its duty in parallel to growing applications.. Is this anti-scientific? On the contrary it is a great creative Synergy. LENR per se is based on synergies.

Note: Rossi has not read my paper, he simply went on the natural way of fast solving a problem, by technology, engineering and Science  re-invigorating  a domain that was quasi moribund in 2011.


Romanian paper about Cold Fusion 2nd part
Fuziunea la rece partea 2-a

A new thread: RNBE 2016 William Collis - a heretical theory involving unusual particles.

Bob Greenyer announces:MFMP Presentation in Silicon Valley announces intended future activity, including on-site cooperation with Aarhus Nano Technology University in Denmark

Thanks to Jack Cole for this info:
Australian scientists just set a world record for solar thermal efficiency

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Maria Popova' s wonderful BRAIN PICKINGS WEEKLY of today is mainly about Friendship-very inspiring.

Image result for lying to a friendImage result for lying to a friend


After more than 70 years I still have remorse for lying to a friend. It has happened in  Timisoar my native town. On the Semenicul Street there was a four stores house- I have visited it many times, my cousin Andy was living there. At the background level apartments- I remember three 
persons living there:
- a woman very noisy practicing the oldest profession called "Bestia" both in Romanian and in Hungarian (you guessed: the Beast):
- my teacher of Geography at the lyceum, Mr B.- a guy with a perfect memory and a bad soul; he tormented us with the geography of the Soviet Union asking the names of small villages from far Siberia etc; and the first human I heard (effectively heard)  dying of cancer, the miserable unfortunate  sadist;
- and Palade a lttle boy a few years older than me- suffering of nanism *dwarfism" the son of gipsy musicians, father a violinist, mother a famous singer;
Palade and I had two main preoccupations-  the study of  ants in the little garden of the house a - see please this classic issue of my blog: 
and playing football/soccer with coins. I have already told you - glory of the past!- it seems I was created for playing "soccer with coins" and vice-versa, my career ended without a single defeat. But Palade was also very good, ambitious and I had to make serious efforts to win.
Poor Palade was very unhappy with his humiliating condition and I have  tried to encourage him, imagining miraculous hormones and medicines, but he never grew taller than 120 cm. And the poor guy was killed in an accident - hit by a crazy motorcyclist-  son of a local high Party functionary- exactly on his 17th birthday. RIP, dear Palade!
Later I have lied to my wife and to myself when our son Robert was dying from cancer- "surgery helps" I lied to my best friend Paul Z. too when he told that is full with sarcomas- "de-deuterated water can make miracles!"

Good people are lying when the truth is so painful that it has to be rejected.  Useless but human.

As you know I own (or is it the reverse?) a very painful LENR truth, it is my truth, nobody significant in the LENR field agrees with it. And I will take now the risk to re-state it as officially it is possible  on a small blog. Please appreciate the risks I am taking, given that;
- soon at the coming ICCF20 many of our best men, beyond the two PdD giants, ENEA and SKINR will present their updated results- if progress is possible it must have happened;
- Industrial Heat has - they say it- generously funded classic LENR research and, again they say it -the results of these researches and NOT Rossi's 1-year 1MW plant/Test have convinced their British and Chinese partners to invest. IH funded non- and anti-Rossi research will be at ICCF20

I had no courage to say honestly: 
" Palade, you will never grow up" but now I say and I take responsibility for:
"Palladium- deuterium Cell; you will never grow up technologically"

If reality contradicts me, I will not be unhappy- palladium is one of my favorite chemical element, however I will stop blogging and will start a "soccer with coins" private club.


1) Gold From Mats Lewan’s Impossible Invention Book (Engineer48)

2) A new Patent of Dennis Cravens:
Ceramic heating element 

A heating element that includes a ceramic material doped with various elements is described. The heating element can be heated by forcing a fuel to flow through the ceramic material, where the fuel interacts with the dopants. The interaction can produce energy in the form of heat. Inventive aspects of the present material include apparatus and methods for modulation of the heat energy, physical features providing for an increase in the rate of heat release, optimization of materials and material morphology for quantity and efficiency of heat release and provision for fueling and maintenance.

3) New article about Etiam Oy in Finnish technology magazine

5)Next BACF meeting: 
Talk on CF in proton conducting ceramics
bay area cold fusion (lenr)
Title: Anomalous Heat Production in Gas Loaded Palladium Doped Proton Conducting Ceramics.

Deuterium gas loading of Pd nanoparticles in Zirconium Oxide has been previously reported to produce anomalous heating. An engineering approach to materials, processes and calorimetry intended to demonstrate this phenomenon and lead to practical application is described, along with operational results to date.

Curt Brown, CTO and Co-Founder of PointSource Energy.
Mr. Brown began his career over 45 years ago with Hewlett Packard, participating in the design of many computer and peripheral systems. He has served as Senior VP Engineering and CTO for Conner Peripherals, Seagate, Iomega and Lantronix, leading teams of up to 350 engineers and developing products selling in the millions of units and billions of dollars. Mr. Brown has been awarded patents in computers, networking, storage and energy fields.

BS EE University of California, Davis ‘69

Website: http://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Cold-Fusion-LENR/events/233171207/

Last update: 2016-08-20

Location: Gustavson home

1946 Fallen Leaf Lane , Los Altos, CA


Of great interest for very hot E-Cats, e.g. W based!
Scientists have created a ceramic, resistant to extreme temperatures
Date:August 19, 2016
Source:National Research Tomsk State University
Summary:Scientists managed to create a new multi-layered ceramic material with heat resistance of the upper layer of more than 3,000 degrees Celsius

SPhysicists discover 'apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics'
Ions subjected to buffer gas cooling never truly reach the same temperature as the surrounding gas


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This Gapingvoid message of today says more than a wise sentence:

It is addressed to those who forgot or got tired to love the great idea of LENR and have chosen the dead end street of hatred and envy.

 Imagini pentru love hatred quotationsImagini pentru love hatred quotations


 Cold Fusion was at the start the love of an idea- Hot Fusion is too hot and difficult for the earthy conditions but Homo Sapiens has found his own way to perform nuclear reactions in an original way. But what has followed is a very unhappy love story- Ed Storms has called Cold Fusion a reluctant mistress - a metaphor is worth thousand images (see below) and actually nothing essential has changed till now   
Here is how Ed describes the situation today:

Peter, people are trying to understand LENR using many methods. Of the methods being used, the study of PdD has provided the best information. Your belief about PdD is simply wrong. PdD can be used at high temperature. At the present time, we have no reason to believe that using NiH is any different from when PdD is used. In any case, finding out how LENR works should be the focus, not application of the discovery. Right now many limitations to how the effect works are apparent but are ignored. Consequently, people keep going down the wrong path. I feel like the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind.

As you know I disagree with him, however I appreciate Ed's faithful love for cold fudion, LENR ;his work is inspired and driven by love of truth and science. My own 
love is directed first toward value (application) and technology, I heretically think and hope that usable LENR based energy generators can be created prior to complete understanding of all the six pillars of this combination of phenomena.

A new era of LENR has started with the claim of Andrea Rossi that he has invented a method to enhance energy release with orders of magnitude in LENR. He has inherited the dream of the founders Fleischmann nd Pons but not their method and basic materials. Very unfortunately - it is a six+ years history, his work has generated much hatred and envy, mainly by people who have never really loved LENR . Despite the fact that Rossi's results are positive with a very high probability these are negated, denied, dismissed with anger; alternative realities are created..
The LENR world is broken, fragmented, polarized. But how would it have been without Rossi and his E-Cats? 
I still hope that when Rossi's E-Cats will be on the market, the spirit of love will return to LENR. Humankind must prepare to enter the LENR Era.


1) Live Open Science
A Status Report: MFMP Glowstick Project, August 2016

2) Has the price of oil killed Cold Fusion?
Цену на нефть убил холодный ядерный синтез?http://marafonec.livejournal.com/5533258.html

3) From Andrea Rossi's site

Bernie Koppenhofer
August 19, 2016 at 2:12 PM

Dr. Rossi: Do you agree or disagree?

For the last five years there have been Rossi critics who argue he should simply hand over his IP to “Independent” testers, the government, NASA (the government), a “large company” who can really develop the science, etc. etc……….and he should do this: For the good of humanity.

It is my opinion Rossi is proceeding in the only way he can to insure the most good comes from his IP, for all of humanity, by using a true free market.

To do that, he must not lose control of his IP. If he loses control there are just too many sharks out there ready and able to exploit this game changing new fire. He has already run into two sharks masquerading as honest brokers. There are probably more we have not heard of, and even more waiting in the wings.

Make no mistake Rossi is at the very beginning of this fight. He cannot underestimate the power and influence money interests can apply with the goal of gaining control of this new fire. Politically, they can and do write legislation that is passed by the US Congress. We have already seen scientists playing the stooges for these powerful interest groups; that will intensify. We have only seen the tip of the ice berg of the legal battles that will purposely delay implementation, and fight for control of LENR.

What is at stake? For most of us tucked away in suburbia, it will mean, in ten years paying $2,000 a month for all our power needs rather than paying a $100 bucks a month, if it is not exploited. For that poor family in India and Africa it could mean life and death, clean air, clean water and food.

To those who think Rossi should turn over his IP to “humanity”. Prove to me this IP will not end up being exploited by multi international corporations, billionaires, and Wall Street money interests, who will charge us twenty times more than it costs. Prove to me a family in India or Africa will benefit from this new fire at a fair free market price.

I prefer Rossi to keep control of his IP and let an actual free market decide the price all humanity pays for LENR power in ten years?

Andrea Rossi
August 19, 2016 at 4:58 PM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
In a nutshell: have anybody seen someone invest seriously in a technology without IP ?
Warm Regards,

4) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: New patent application


6) LENR – ECAT – Thomas F. Darden and the White House – the complete list


How Trolls Are Ruining the Internethttp://time.com/4457110/internet-trolls/?utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email

From and by Tanmay Vora:
Friday Five: A Metaphor is Worth a Thousand Pictures!